Monday, May 1, 2017

BSB Chapter 12, Lewis BBQ

Bacon Seed Beauty Chapter 12: Lewis BBQ, Charleston
So there’s all this scuttlebutt about this new guy in town from Texas cooking up BBQ that will challenge anyone’s BBQ in South Carolina. I went last spring to see what they were up to. I had gotten the opening date wrong, so they weren’t serving quite yet, but what I got to see was all this renovation that John Lewis had done with several buildings in the east side of Charleston. Yes, it’s gentrification, but I think it was from old buildings, not homes. And with the cost of every retail space downtown being almost prohibitive except to big chains, the restaurants opening in the upper part of the peninsula are garnering the traffic. Just to be able to park is a big deal. Also, there is now the trifecta of BBQ in that general area. Home team, which has always been good in their West Ashley location, and now Rodney Scott’s on upper King, so the competition should keep them all on their toes.
 I went back once the opening took place. Interesting
Concept. You go up to the counter and order meat by the pound,and sides by the portion. A Meat cutter or butcher takes your order, cuts, and weighs it then calls out the sides that another person gets for you.   I got BBQ (pulled pork), Brisket, and tried 3 of the 4 sides. Buttermilk potato salad, Lemon Slaw, and Cowboy Pinto Beans. One of the butchers cut me a piece of the Hot Guts Link to try. Too spicy for me, but good flavor.
They have a bar, but it was lunch time and at this age, I really can’t drink and go back to work, (lucky for my clients!) So picked a table to sit at and chowed down.
The sides were just ok. Not the flavor that should be with the descriptions. But, Yep, John wins on the brisket. I’ve had it in a few places, but his was tender and smokey and just enough fat. Get his brisket. Seriously.  At $21 per pound, it’s a bit overpriced to me, but worth at least one try.
I’ve gone back once since with the same consistency, which is always a good sign, and want to go again, now that it’s spring. The atmosphere of sitting outside and having a Agua Fresca and some brisket is calling.

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