Monday, April 10, 2017

BSB Chapter 11 Low Country Bill's , Georgetown, SC

Bacon Seed Beauty Chapter 11, May 27th 2016
 Low Country Bill’s BBQ  in Georgetown

So most of our trips take place over a full day, but Linda needed to see her eye doc this day, so we revamped our trip to go someplace closer. I find that most time, these things work out for the best, since I was able to get a bunch of things done in the am. You know, the stuff that needs to be done, but gets pushed to the bottom of the never-ending list.
We hadn’t explored Georgetown, so figured we’d look there. I’m not sure whether Linda found places on the SC BBQ Trail Map, as sometimes we’ve just googled BBQ places in whatever town we are headed to, or passing through.  She found a couple of places, both listed on Fraser street, so we figured we’d get there and decide based on the looks of the places. So, we headed to Georgetown around 3:30 on a Friday. We got out of Mt Pleasant before the crazy traffic, and with time to have dinner and daylight to explore a bit.
We got to Fraser Street and saw 2 different BBQ places, and picked Big Bill’s. They are open Thursday-Saturday at 5:00 for dinner and we got there just as the doors were opening. Cute, clean and a freshly loaded buffet! Definitely family run, with Mr. Bill and Mrs. Bill in attendance, along with a couple of either school kids or grand kids busing tables and running the register. Excellent all the way around. 
Now, I am not a hash fan. It’s too many “parts” for me. But Mr. Bill insisted I taste his hash, since he has a secret recipe, and wanted a convert. So even though I was nervous, I accommodated him and tried a tiny plastic sample cup. It was better than most, but still had that liver thing going on, which I just can’t do. My Mom tried to cook it for us from time to time, thinking it was a healthy thing. She had grown up having to make it for her anemic mother. She tried to disguise it every which way, but  as soon as it hit the pan, I pleaded for  peanut butter and jelly and in this instance,  she kindly obliged.

Ribs, Chicken, pulled pork with sauce on the side, thank you very much, were all tender and good. I think I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but the way a place cooks up some collards is a give away that the BBQ will be good. I don’t know why they are connected, but they are. Bill’s collards hit the mark. And the desserts! Mrs. Bill makes them all from scratch! It’s a little weird, because she is a petite, slender thing, so I’m guessing she likes to bake, but not eat her creations!
Then, we got our customary to go order for Linda’s Jimmy. He loved it as well, and get this, he’s from Georgetown! He goes weekly to visit his 90+ year old mom yet, had never heard of or gone to the place.. now he’s a convert… but not sure if he likes hash!
After dinner, we headed toward downtown Georgetown. There are a lot of cute stores, a couple of museums, and beautiful old southern homes. Now unfortunately, for a Friday evening, there wasn’t a lot going on. Not sure why, since it was a nice evening. I think there was a small crowd at one of the waterfront bars, but not what you’d expect for a Friday evening. Maybe, they were all going to Charleston… geez.
As an update, I just checked the BBQ Trail Map, and can’t seem to find Big Bill’s listed. The Map has been updated, since a couple of newer Charleston BBQ places are on there.   Just take my word for it and go. Hopefully you’ll agree! And leave me comments so I know!