Saturday, February 4, 2017

BSB blog Chapter 10, The Not so Fabulous

Ok. I broke the rules. While Linda was busy with her own schedule of family and friends, I figured I'd get in a couple of local places. I looked on the BBQ trail map and found 2 places  in North Charleston, not far from where I live. Willie Jewels Old School BBQ, and Dickey's BBQ Pit.
Willie Jewels had a nice website and a good story about her history.  I caught on that it was a chain with the words  "Franchising" and "Locations". Also they are open 7 days a week, Great for a regular restaurant, but as I've said before, family run BBQ places are rarely open more than 4-5 days per week. I think though, that Ms. Willie would not be happy with what has happened to her recipes. The BBQ was dry, the ribs weren't tender and had way too much of the pink color on the inside, that could pass for being smoked, but I'm pretty sure was more chemical in nature. And the greens. Oh my. Chopped too fine, watery and bitter.
I'm now way picky about these places since we've had so many trips and much BBQ experience.  I'm sure for the average person looking for a quick lunch other than the myriad of fast food available in that area, it would be fine. Maybe the chicken is good.
And number 2. Dickey's BBQ. I hadn't heard of it and went searching. It's in a shopping center with old Navy, Big Lots, Best Buy, etc. I'm not always against a chain restaurant, if they are good. In this case, not so much.
The servers don't get tips, since its a order at the window and sit down or take out kind of place, so they probably get paid minimum wage, and are trained to yell a salutation at you when you walk in, not unlike Moe's. Too bad. The menu looks great, but what comes out of the kitchen, not so much. Kind of like the pictures that are all over with Macdonald's or Burger King or Hardee's , then the actual  burger looks pale in comparison .
Sides. The Fried Onion Tanglers were good but greasy.  The  Bacon and Onion Green Beans and were overcooked and the Asiago Cheese Creamed Spinach didn't come out with my order.  I think they forgot  So when I asked, they said it would be out shortly. And it was ...microwaved and cold in the middle. I just looked the location up and it's "permanently closed" according to Yelp. I always feel bad when someone loses so much money in a franchise gone bad, but in this case, if my experience was the norm, I can see why. So in both cases, it's Back to local family run BBQ for me!