Monday, May 1, 2017

Bacon Seed Beauty Chapter 13: Back to Myrtle Beach

I have some kids in my life who love, I mean really love, Legos. They have more kits and tables full of thousands of little plastic bricks and can put them together in amazing ways.
When I see that there is an exhibition at the  Franklin Burroughs Chapin museum on Lego Art, Called “Art of the Brick”, I’m fascinated.  
Back to the trusty BBQ Trail Map.
We find Little Pigs BBQ on 17 north, so not too far from the Museum. It ends up being just a hole in the wall place with a walk-up counter, standard bbq and slaw plates, sweet tea and sodas.  A good basic lunch or takeout for working folks in the area. We, of course, need atmosphere, so we’ll find something for dinner on the way home.
Off to the museum. On my previous post about this museum, I told you that My friend, Pat Goodwin, runs the place. I had told her that Linda and I were coming that day. Unfortunately, one of her dear friends and a valued friend of the museum had died and the funeral was that day. She had told her staff that we were coming and they showed us where the exhibit started. My fascination was justified. From a full body self portrait of the artist to Skeleton heads, to parts of a painting pulled out and recreated with Lego’s, it was one visual surprise after another.
There was a film all about Lego Art that we watched. We didn’t know it went on for a long time, so it left us little time to shop! Pat’s staff actually kept the shop open for us. They always have great gifts, so we made it worth their while.
It’s amazing how viewing art and shopping can make one hungry. And, of course, we have to get food for Jimmy (Linda’s husband). So, on the way back, through Murrell’s inlet, we find Prosser’s.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.  Been there since the 1950’s! Big Buffet, excellent BBQ and chicken and veggies and desserts. Fun Atmosphere and  very crowded for a September afternoon! We were eating next to some folks, who had said they had beer and wine if you wanted it. I did, so went up to the checkout desk and asked about it. Seems they serve by request only, so that’s how you get a little libation. I had my beer which I normally don’t drink, but it suited BBQa hot day. The folks next to us, were wanting to know the secret, so I them. The Gentleman of the couple said, “you made my night! A beer with my BBQ! Yes!”
Glad I could help..
PS Linda and Jimmy liked the food so much that they took their friends and family there on another trip! Prosser’s is a keeper!

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